sex dolls same as real women

攻略トップページ put lipstick on your sex doll and you have a perfectly beautiful sex doll! Aika Yamagishi Sex Doll If you have any questions about applying makeup to sex dolls, you can go to the YouTube to watch the video of applying makeup to sex dolls. With this article, you can master the skills of applying makeup to sex dolls faster. Asian Sex Doll Silicone-headed sex doll hair and eyebrows are generally implanted, so no additional grooming is required. If you want your sex doll makeup to last longer, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly. to help you seal the entire makeup area. fact, sex dolls are the same as real women. Wearing underwear is not only to fix their breasts so that they will not sway during exercise, but more importantly, Hentai Sex Doll to protect the breasts of sex dolls. Silicone sex dolls generally do not require protective underwear, but TPE sex dolls do. Darker, less expensive garment dyeing on TPE has been one of the most talked about issues in the doll community regarding clothing. TPE leech oil, which is a porous material, is unavoidable if you don't wear a protective undergarment between the TPE and your main clothing. Although TPE material is affordable and soft, the problem of dyeing has to be considered. There are many types of protective underwear. The most common protective underwear is nylon pantyhose and various tights. Sex dolls in underwear will also show a different kind of sexual temptation, Cosplay Sex Doll which may become more attractive than naked sex dolls. If you buy a doll made of TPE, it is important to choose high-quality underwear. your sex doll's skin is inevitably stained, don't panic about the occasional unavoidable damage, here are some guidelines to help you get rid of your sex doll stains quickly. Staining in general TPE sex dolls is usually caused by dyes on the clothing, and the stain appears to be permanent, which is fortunately not the case. You'll need to buy a bottle of sex doll stain remover, but it's best to buy it before you buy your sex doll, so you can get rid of those stains faster and easier in the early days of your sex doll being dyed. So how to use this sex doll stain remover? First you need a cotton swab. Milf Sex Doll Wet the cotton swab lightly, dip it in the decontamination cream, apply it to the stain on the sex doll's skin, and wait patiently for the reaction of the decontamination cream. If the stains on the skin of the sex doll are difficult to remove or take a long time, you can apply more and thicker. Finally, use a clean cloth to remove the decontamination cream on the skin of the sex doll and you're done!