After learning about sex dolls

攻略トップページ is said that the Antarctic expedition team in 1956 brought a Dutch wife in order to solve their physiological needs, but the quality was poor and the effect was not good. Although it is impossible to SHEDOLL confirm whether it is true, the products "Antarctic No. 1" and "Antarctic No. 2" are also associated with "myths". The old man gets shy when he hears this name. In the UK and US, she is rarely referred to as a "Dutch wife", but rather as a "sex doll". In short, it is a "special purpose pet doll" that satisfies desire and gives comfort. Known in the industry as "special institutions". Starpery During the manufacturing process, we take special care to prevent air leakage. Since it's inflated, if you put weight on it, it's bound to be unreasonable. Sometimes they get punctured and even after repairs they become useless. The drawbacks of inflatable dolls continue to show, and some Japanese have begun to promote the development of sex dolls. learning about sex dolls with customers, Av Actress Sex Doll many Japanese factories began to feel that cheap dolls did not heal their hearts. Want to develop a more complex sex doll. After repeated improvements, it became so complicated. It used to be made of vinyl, but now it's made of silicone. It feels more real to the touch. The body becomes surprisingly supple and can take free positions. Such sex dolls have entered people's field of vision with their perfect faces, and further developed people's traditional views on sex dolls. these importances the unparalleled dominance of sex toys in the sex market can be seen. Anime Sex Doll They are a great option if you decide to use them for sexual gratification. Sexual stimulation is limited, however, because you need to imagine something enticing to receive it. Just stimulating a certain part of the body does not actually achieve orgasm quickly, maybe you need some imagination or visual impact to feel the perfect sexual experience., sex dolls are real family members for some special families. Although they can meet people's needs like sex toys, their functions are far more than satisfying people's sexual needs. Elf Sex Doll The most important thing is that their simulation sex is sex. There is no substitute for tools, and they provide a much greater service than sex toys.